Cheese Rumiano Mozzarella 8 OZ

Cheese Rumiano Mozzarella 8 OZ



8 oz package  

Organic, pasture-raised, mozzarella cheese.

Rumiano Cheese Company is the oldest family-owned cheese company in California. Every delightful, organic product is derived from grass fed cows and family farmers. We don’t believe there is a better example in the field (or pasture, aha!). This is our favorite for pizza nights!

Rumiano Family Organic Cheeses come only from pasture-raised family farms in the Redwood Coast of northern California. These are optimistic places where there is just a hint of salt in the air. The cows graze on pastures of cool, coastal grass year-round, and dairymen and cheesemakers know that Jersey cows, with just the right diet and care, make organic milk that can turn into gold. We know our dairymen personally, who know their cows by name.