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Cheese Rumiano Mozzarella 8 OZ


8 oz package  

Organic, pasture-raised, mozzarella cheese.

This is our favorite for pizza nights!

Rumiano Cheese Company is the oldest family-owned cheese company in California. We don’t believe there is a better example of regenerative cheesemaking in the field. (Or pasture!)

Rumiano Family Organic Cheeses come only from pasture-raised family farms in the Redwood Coast of northern California. Throughout the cool foggy mornings and warm afternoons kissed by a salt breeze, the Jersey cows graze on pastures of coastal grass year-round, tended by heritage dairy workers know their cows by name. In partnership with these dedicated animal stewards, Rumiano cheesemakers turn the organic milk from these cared-for cows into delicious cheeses that we are proud to pass along to you.