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TEC Jarred Beans 32oz JAR


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All bean varieties are proudly grown and processed on our Regenerative Organic Certified™ farm.

Rio Zape Beans

Since their discovery in the Ancestral Pueblo caves of New Mexico in 1935, this ancient pinto-like bean has become a highly requested item in the culinary world. With hints of chocolate and coffee, Rio Zape beans are a great addition to Mexican dishes, your favorite soup, or simply by themselves – their natural flavors speak for themselves.

Southwest Red Beans

Grown and dried on our Regenerative Organic Certified™ farm, Southwest Red Beans is a staple in the community. Known for their mild nutty flavor, Southwest Red Beans are a versatile ingredient for savory and sweet dishes. Their speckled red and white exterior makes for a beautiful addition to any kitchen or pantry as well.

Southwest Gold Beans

Hailing from a similar climate to ours, Southwest Gold Beans thrive in our Southern California bioregion. Known for their shiny white and speckled desert orange designs, these beans are just as good decor as a kitchen staple. As the name suggests, they pair well with southwestern dishes and are renowned for their ability to absorb the spicy flavors endemic to the southwest.