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Cover Crop Crunch


Introducing our Cover Crop, a unique mix inspired by the tradition of planting cover crops. Our blend mirrors the diverse seeds farmers throw into fields, combining grains and seeds to capture sustainable farming's essence. With a nod to heritage, we've included amaranth, a staple for the Acjachemen people. Crafted with psyllium husk and flax seeds, our gluten-free crouton or cracker adds a satisfying crunch to salads or roasted vegetables. Experience the wholesome goodness of our blend—an homage to tradition and a celebration of the harvest.

Ingredients: Quinoa, Buckwheat Groats, Flax Seed, Amaranth, Sunflower Seed, Pepitas, Black Sesame Seed, Hemp Seed, Puffed Millet, Coriander Seed, Crushed Passila, shallot, Lemon juice, Psyllium husk, Olive Oil, Salt